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Don't let Dry Eye  

hold you back


Dry Eye is a common condition that develops when not enough tears are produced or when tears evaporate too quickly. A combination of these two issues can also cause your eyes to feel  dry and irritated.



Discover the Systane® family of products?

The Systane® range is specially designed to help address the different needs of Dry Eye patients.
You can get either Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting
or All-In-One dry eye relief.

Systane Preservative Free Range Pack Shots, from left to right: Systane Ultra Preservative Free lubricant eye drops, Systane Complete Preservative Free lubricant eye drops and Systane Hydration Unit Dose lubricant eye drops pack shots.

Why Systane®?




Systane® is the #1 Dry Eye brand in Australia and New Zealand. The Systane® family of eye drops has a unique, delivery system containing HP-Guar and borate to help provide Dry Eye relief.



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