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Dry Eye Symptoms



Dry Eye Symptoms


A feeling of dryness is the most common Dry Eye symptom, but some of the other symptoms are not as straightforward. For example, watery eyes (excessive tearing), tired eyes, irritation or increased blinking can all be a sign of Dry Eye.  


Dry Eye Symptoms


Icon showing eye burning or stinging

A burning or stinging sensation in your eyes


Icon showing blurry vision

Blurry Vision
Especially after reading, even for a short time


Icon showing eye irritation

Feeling like something is in or around your eyes


Icon showing eye watering

Watery Eyes
Having excess tears in your eyes

Icon showing eye dryness

Tired Eyes
Your eyes get tired faster


Icon showing tired eyes

Scratchiness or Grittiness
Your eyes feel rough and sore


Icon showing eye scratchiness or grittiness

Increased Blinking
Blinking more frequently


Icon showing eye blinking

Your eyes feel dry or sandy

Consult your healthcare or eye care professional for use, precautions, warnings and contraindications.