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My Dry Eyes Don't Hold Me Back. Do Yours? 


Are you putting up with irritated, sore and watery eyes? You may be suffering from Dry Eye. 

SYSTANE®’s range of products are designed to help relieve the symptoms of Dry Eye.  



Find Relief That's Right For You.


Whether you need an everyday preservative-free solution, fast-acting or long-lasting dry eye relief1,2, or replenishing dry eye relief, SYSTANE® has got you covered for different dry eye needs.

Product boxes and vial cartons for Systane Hydration, Hydration UD, Complete, Ultra UD, and Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops by Alcon

Why Systane®?


Systane® is the #1 Global Eye Care Brand6*

The Systane® family of eye drops contains a unique, patented ingredient, HP-Guar4, which helps deliver the Dry Eye relief you need so you can be unstoppable.




optometrist using eye exam equipment

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*#1 GLOBAL EYE CARE BRAND is also referring to #1 GLOBAL DRY EYE BRAND.


Consult your healthcare or eye care professional for use, precautions, warnings and contraindications.