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1 drop.

8 hours

dry eye relief.2


Systane Complete Preservative Free Box

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Woman putting drops of Systane Complete Preservative Free in her eye

SYSTANE® COMPLETE Preservative-Free


  • Effective Relief

    Our most advanced COMPLETE formula provides 8 hours of relief for all types of dry eye in just one drop. 

  • Preservative-Free

    Our advanced technology is available in a preservative-free solution, which is ideal for sensitive eyes. 

  • Easier To Use  

    Our multidose bottle is easier to use.

    **Compared to single-dose vials.


*Silverstein S, Yeu E, Tauber J, et al. Symptom Relief Following a Single-Dose of Propylene Glycol-Hydroxypropy Guar Nanoemultion in Patients with Dry Eye Disease: A Phase IV, Multicenter Trial. Clin Ophthalmol. 2020;14:3167-3177.
**Assessment based on assumption of 1 bottle of SYSTANE® COMPLETE MDPF for 60 days of use, and two unit dose vials used per day.
† Compared to single-dose vials.
†† Compared to SYSTANE® HYDRATION PF single-dose vials.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye happens when the tear glands stop making enough tears or produce poor-quality tears, or when tears evaporate too quickly, causing your eyes to feel dry and irritated.

Close up of a woman's face

The #1 Doctor Recommended Brand* of Artificial Tears


Learn more about SYSTANE® products and how they can bring you real dry eye relief.

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Systane Hydration PF, Systane Complete PF, Systane Ultra


As the #1 doctor recommended brand* of artificial tears, we offer a range of formulas that provide real, long-lasting relief for all types of dry eye, so your eyes won’t hold you back.

*Data on file