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Dry Eye Symptoms

A feeling of dryness is the most common dry eye symptom, but some of the other symptoms are not as straightforward. For example, burning, irritated eyes can be a sign of dry eye.

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Other Dry Eye Symptoms

Burning or Stinging

Burning or Stinging

A burning or stinging sensation in your eyes.

Fluctuating Vision

Fluctuating Vision

Blurry vision, especially after reading, even for a short time.



Feeling like something is in or around your eyes.

Watery Eyes

Watery Eyes

Having excess tears in your eyes.



Your eyes feel dry or sandy.

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes

Your eyes get tired faster.

Scratchiness or Grittiness

Scratchiness or Grittiness

Your eyes feel rough and sore.

Increased Blinking<

Increased Blinking

Blinking more frequently.

Lower Tolerance for Dry Environments

Lower Tolerance for Dry Environments

Eye irritation from dry or windy conditions.

SYSTANE® products are for the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye.

The #1 Doctor Recommended Brand* of Artificial Tears


Learn more about SYSTANE® products and how they can bring you real dry eye relief.

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